What Are The Various Names For Two Factor Authentication and Two Step Verification?

Just What Is Two Factor Authentication Or Two Step Verification?  Two Factor Authentication and/or Two Step Verification is a process whereby two independent events occur sequentially in order to verify the identity of the user attempting to access a web site or service.

Something You Have, Then Something You Know: This typically involves something you have and something you know. A good example is your bank ATM card. You insert your bank card (something ou have) into the ATM machine and then you have to enter your PIN (something you know) into the ATM in order to access your account.

You can learn how to utilize Two Factor Authentication and/or Two Step Verification as an added layer of security for your password. The details are covered in the book below.

Password Security Tips

There are many terms currently utilized including:

2 Factor Authentication
2-Factor Authentication
2 Factor Verification
2-Factor Verification
2 Step Authentication
2-Step Authentication
2 Step Verification
2-Step Verification
Duo Verification
Duo Verification
Multi Factor Authentication
Multi Factor Authentication
Multi Factor Verification
Multi Factor Verification
Multifactor Authentication
Multifactor Authentication
Multifactor Verification
Multifactor Verification
Two-Factor Authentication
Two Factor Authentication
Two-Factor Verification
Two Factor Verification
Two-Step Authentication
Two Step Authentication
Two-Step Verification
Two Step Verification

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