Creating Family Passwords

How do you convince friends and family to use password managers?
Some days it seems like hackers are leaking passwords out from every corner of the internet. Password security is something that a lot of us need to take more seriously and there are a number of tools aim to make it much easier.

Have a family meeting and agree to create a family master password – that can be adjusted so the master password is unique for each site visited.

An example might be for the Jones Family
The master password could be Jones backwards

Then add the number of members in the family, say 5, so that becomes

Agree on special characters for each family member. Maybe as follows
Dad = !^^!
Mom = `@@`

Dad’s password would now be

One final adjustment – take the last two letters of the site you are visiting and use those for the first two letters – capitalizing the first letter. Assume you are visiting
Dad’s password for Amazon

Mom’s password to Ebay

You get the idea. This way family members create unique passwords for each site, but they can be deciphered by other family members as needed.

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