Five Password Tips For Small Business Security

Five Password Tips for Better Small Business Security

Extra layers of protection – Umm, we all need it…

Extra layers of authentication are essential to check the authenticity of password users. The sooner businesses large and small start to enforce these across the board – especially where use of bring your own device (BYOD) mobile technology is standard – the sooner they can drastically reduce the risk of data breaches.

Top tips for better password management:

A) Two-step authentication: Most mobile services now offer a simple code based system that sends you a numeric password by SMS/Text to secure your login credentials

B) Newer mobile phones now provide both identity and access management capabilities. Encourage employees to adopt these and incorporate them as part of your BYOD policy.

C) Initiate formal staff training on password best practice. Passwords need to be strong, long and as secure as possible – avoid basic, easy-to-crack passwords.

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D) Create a master profile for all password log-ins. It will make it easier when someone leaves the company, they can be removed automatically.

E) Monitor all outside requests for internal server access.

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