Gmail Secret #1: Gmail Ignores The “+” Symbol

This is “Unique Username Method 2 (of 6) – Gmail Username With ‘+ Suffix’”

Gmail offers the following information on how to use a Gmail alias.

Unique Username Method 2 – Gmail Username With ‘+ Suffix’

Gmail Username With ‘+ Suffix’: This method has you use a unique Gmail email for each log in that uses your email as the Username.

I Am Now A Gmail Psychic: Now I know what you may be thinking, “I have one email account and I don’t want to create a new email account for each Username the I need.” Great news, you don’t have to create a new email account for each account. Just create a new Gmail account one time.

Is There A Difference? Before we start with the rationale for doing this let’s look at this example. If someone writes down (so 80’s) their telephone number as (555) 456-7890 or as 555.456.7890 or as 555-456-7890 or as 5554567890, is there a difference? All those permutations work because you simply ignore each of these symbols: ( ).

Gmail Secret #1: Here is a Gmail secret – Gmail ignores the symbol “+”. We will discuss the “dot” in a moment.

How To Use The Gmail Secret: In short, Gmail allows you to append a “+” sign after your Username which can contain a combination of characters and numbers and you will still receive that email. Just as with our telephone numbers example above, all these emails will be delivered to your main Gmail account:

Password Hint – Test It: Make yourself comfortable and test the permutations by emailing yourself.

Here is a step-by-step checklist on “How to automatically forward emails to another account in Gmail.”

Belowis a video on how to “Automatically forward emails to another account in Gmail.”



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