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All The Good Ones Are Already Taken: Passwords You Should Never, Ever, Ever Use…

All The Good Ones Are Already Taken

I often hear, “All the good ones are already taken,” from my wife’s single friends. Well, that doesn’t have to apply to passwords.

I’m Know I Am Unique, But My Passwords Aren’t

I know I should use a unique password for every site, but that is just so much work.

Let’s examine a few passwords not to use

1) 123456

I know, I know, it is one more digit than is on your left hand, but that still doesn’t make ti hard to crack. 123456 ranks as both the top and worst password used today. To paraphrase Nike, “Just Don’t Do It.”

If you must use 123456, instead try something like: wontootresfor56

won = 1
too = 2
tres = 3
for = 4
5 = 5
6 = 6

The password that continues to come in second place, is worse, by many accounts.

2) password

Like parents who name their sons after their father, Little John, John II, John-John, John Junior, people demonstrate a similar lack of creativity when using ‘password’ as their password.

If you must use password, instead try: past the word or forwardpassword or pastwerd or…

3) qwerty

People who use ‘qwerty’ think they discovered something as difficult to crack as Rubic’s Cube. They haven’t. Just because it’s a string of keys in the row right under “123456” they think it is clever and that no one will ever see that pattern.

If you must use qwerty, instead try: quertie or qazxsw (using a different pattern like going down the keyboard from q (qaz) and up from x (xsw))

4) jordan

Michael Jordan was hard to stop on the basketball court, but so many people use his name that is among the first names used by crackers.

If you must use jordan, instead try 23MJ12jordan45

Michael Jordan

Number 23 with the Chicago Bulls / Shooting guard uring the 1995 season, Michael Jordan was not 23 … he wore number 12 for one game in 1991, after his jersey was stolen … For 22 games, Jordan played as number 45

During the 1995 season, Michael Jordan was not 23 … he wore number 12 for one game in 1991, after his jersey was stolen … For 22 games, Jordan played as number 45

Vote For Me, Vote For Me, Vote For Me… Hacker Helps Enrique Pea Nieto Win Mexican Presidential Election

How To Make Your Vote REALLY Count

In an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, Colombian hacker, Andrs Seplveda, who is currently serving a 10-year prison sentence boasted of his ability to hack into campaign networks and manipulate opinion.

“My job was to do actions of dirty war and psychological operations, black propaganda, rumours the whole dark side of politics that nobody knows exists but everyone can see,” the 31-year-old told Bloomberg.

Seplveda, and other hackers installed malware to monitor opponents during 2012 campaign as part of black propaganda operation.


Andrs Seplveda, an online campaign strategist, claimed he had also helped to manipulate elections in nine countries across Latin America by stealing data, installing malware and creating fake waves of enthusiasm and derision on social media.


Although he was well paid for his work, he said his primary motive was political. He supported right and centre-right candidates against what he called dictatorships and socialists governments.

In Mexico, however, he reportedly had a $600,000 budget to undermine the campaigns of Pea Nietos two main opponents on either side of the political spectrum: the ruling National Action partys Josefina Vzquez Mota and the Democratic Revolution partys Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador.

Seplveda is now in jail for hacking crimes related to Colombias 2014 presidential election, when he tried to help rightwing opposition candidate scar Ivn Zuluaga who opposed peace talks with the leftwing rebels (Farc). After several attempts on his life, he reportedly choose to go public with his allegations so he can win support for a reduced sentence.

Read more: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/mar/31/mexico-presidential-election-enrique-pena-nieto-hacking

New Sex Smart Sex Toys Not As Smart As Sex Toy Hackers

OK, imagine you have your long-awaited ‘racy’ novel, synced to your new sex toy. You get to the ‘good’ section and your sex toys goes ‘off.’ “Wow, who knew reading could be so fun,” you think.

A few days later you see a post such as, “Tiffany read page 46 of the “X” novel, 20 times in just a fifteen minute period.”

Most Internet-enabled products sex toys included connect to a companion app via bluetooth. In this way, your partner could also ‘signal’ you while you are at work. Your co-workers will wonder why you are smiling all the time.

Now imagine a bit more malicious intruder who not only successfully hijacks your vibrator but figures out a way to apply an ‘overdose,’ say a few extra volts.

A study conducted by ESET and the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) found that 79 percent of people feel safe with connected devices. 40 percent of those same people failed to properly secure their wireless router, meaning they are more vulnerable and less aware of that fact.

Most of these devices, sex toys included, are generating and recording data about their users.

Read more: http://www.dailydot.com/technology/connected-sex-toys-hacked-trend-micro/

Driving You Crazy. Your Next Car Can Be Hacked.

The Good News

Self-driving cars could cut road deaths by 80%

The Bad News

Without better security you can be at risk of car hacking and even ransoms.

You’re about to drive to work and plan on checking email and reviewing files as your car drives. You turn on your ignition and a message on the dash lights up with this message, “Pay 10 bitcoin to unlock your hacked car! This fee goes up 10 bitcoin everyday.”

There are now generally five types of hackers you are exposed to:

1) Good (?) white-hat hackers, who break security so that a weakness can be found, fixed and ultimately improved. It is like your mother-in-law finding your adult dvd collection and saying she took them so your spouse doesn’t find them.

2) Activist hackers, like the group Anonymous, who are often politically motivated. They dearly want to know what you are saying in your private emails and what are your favorite recipes, along with those ‘secret’ photos.

3) Nations, other than yours, that want to access to your data and info. 

4) Supporters of extremism of which Isis is the only really credible threat thus far.

5) Criminals, who now make as much as 95% of all malware, using hacking to make millions of dollars. Imagine North Korea wanting to see the latest episode of the Kardashians, but it isn’t included in their DirecTV package. So they hack away to get what they need then resell those episodes to their constituents. Bad, bad, bad dudes.

It is this fifth group, criminals, who are motivated by money that are the biggest threat to target self-driving cars. 

Well, the biggest threat, right after watching epic fails, cat videos and dancing with Justin Beiber as you ride in your car.

Read more: http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/mar/13/autonomous-cars-self-driving-hack-mikko-hypponen-sxsw

Sometimes Hacks Are Good? The Panama Papers Leak

No, the “Panama Papers” are not some new rolling papers for illegal (legal in some states) substances. But some of the individuals, below, are sure to get rolled.

The “Panama Papers” refers to 11.5 million leaked documents tied to the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca. 

The Rich And Famous

Among the those listed in the documents are Iceland’s Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson — who has now resigned — and Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko. British Prime Minister David Cameron, Pakistan’s President Nawaz Sharif and Russian President Vladimir Putin are also connected to the leak through associates or family members. Putin’s friends, the documents show, have amassed over $2 billion in offshore holdings. 

German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung first obtained the documents from an anonymous source over a year ago, and then joined with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists to analyze the immense amount of data. 


What’s The Biggest Implication Of The Panama Leak?

It’s still too soon to tell what the most important consequence will be from the leak, but the biggest immediate waves are being felt in Iceland, where Prime Minister Gunnlaugsson has resigned over the leak.

More people and companies will surely follow.

 U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron also has a connection to the leak, as his late father, Ian, is implicated in running an offshore investment fund based in the Bahamas that avoided paying tax in the United Kingdom. The fund, Blairmore Holdings Inc, started in the 1980s and is listed in the documents as a client of Mossack Fonseca. British media — including the BBC and The Guardian, which are part of the team of media outlets involved in the investigative reporting — have delved into the allegations.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has also been tied to the leak through his family, as it was revealed that three of his children have links to a number of offshore companies. On Monday, Sharif’s son defended against allegations from opposition politicians that the family was hiding its money, saying that the businesses were legal.

Another leader not directly named in the documents but connected through close associates is Russia’s President Putin, whose wealth has long been the subject of speculation. A series of financial transactions involving offshore accounts connected to Putin’s friends Yuri Kovalchuk and Sergei Roldugin amount to around $2 billion. 

This story has been updated to include information on the Icelandic prime minister’s resignation.


Read more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2016/04/04/panama-papers-leak_n_9612196.html

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