New Sex Smart Sex Toys Not As Smart As Sex Toy Hackers

OK, imagine you have your long-awaited ‘racy’ novel, synced to your new sex toy. You get to the ‘good’ section and your sex toys goes ‘off.’ “Wow, who knew reading could be so fun,” you think.

A few days later you see a post such as, “Tiffany read page 46 of the “X” novel, 20 times in just a fifteen minute period.”

Most Internet-enabled products sex toys included connect to a companion app via bluetooth. In this way, your partner could also ‘signal’ you while you are at work. Your co-workers will wonder why you are smiling all the time.

Now imagine a bit more malicious intruder who not only successfully hijacks your vibrator but figures out a way to apply an ‘overdose,’ say a few extra volts.

A study conducted by ESET and the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) found that 79 percent of people feel safe with connected devices. 40 percent of those same people failed to properly secure their wireless router, meaning they are more vulnerable and less aware of that fact.

Most of these devices, sex toys included, are generating and recording data about their users.

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