The Song That Teaches You How To Protect Your Password In Just 26 Seconds

This Is Number 3 In A Series Of 12 Examples To Protect Yourself From Being Socially Engineered

Social Engineering Example 3 – The Answer Is Always Either, “No,” Or, “No-No!”: This is a great strategy not only for password security, but for most things in life where someone else wants something from you. Whenever an employee, or my daughter, would come up and before they started to talk, if they would pause or slightly hesitate, for even one second, or they would say, “Can I ask you something?” I would never give them time to get their full question out. I immediately quote the first few lyrics from an old song. I always refer to this when someone/anyone asks me something/anything that they know they should not ask.

Password Hint – Obscure Song Teaches You How To Protect Your Password In Just 26 Seconds: The song is obscure (like your password should be). It is by a group called the Human Beinz and was probably their only hit. It is called Nobody But Me. What I like about the song is the first 30 words communicate exactly what I say to anyone who asks me anything. Those first 30 words are all (almost) exactly the same; they consist of the words ‘No’ and, just to reinforce the sentiment, ‘No-No.’ You can listen to Nobody But Me here. Even with a 14 second musical intro, it takes just up to the 26 second mark to get the entire phrasing down. Doing the math… you can master this technique in just 12 seconds.

You can learn how to say, “NO!” from your choice of three videos.

Original black and white TV:

You can watch the lyrics scroll on the screen:

An Addams Family example:



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