How To Set Up Google Calendar And Use Reminders

This is ‘don’t’ Number 21 from “What Are The 23 Don’ts For Creating Your Password?”

This tip tells you to set up a Google calendar reminder so you can change your passwords on a regular basis.

Don’t Forget To Change Your Password: A strong password policy is necessary to uphold your security. Just how often you should change your password depends on how paranoid you are, how much time you have on your hands and how secure you believe your password strategy to be. First, if you have a major break-up with a spouse, business partner, roommate, significant other or anyone else who might know your passwords, do it right away. Otherwise use a reminder calendar, something like Google Calendar and set up a reminder for every one/two/three/six/whatever months to review your password strategy.

First you need to create a free Google account.

If you have a Google Account, just visit the Google Calendar homepage, enter your Google Account email and password, and sign in. Be sure to enable your Two Factor Authorization security.

Google Calendar Overview

Creating Events in Google Calendar

Below is a video on to set up a reminder via calendar.



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