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NPR: How To Create Stronger Passwords

You Might Want To Take Another Pass At Your Passwords “It’s just too easy for hackers to figure out usernames and passwords like ‘password’ or ‘123457.’ Those are some of my previous passwords,” he said. In short, passwords have, in some cases, undermined their own security intent. You’d think a librarian … Read more on […]


Atlassian’s “HipChat” Breached

Hackers breach password database at Atlassian’s “HipChat” collaboration service While HipChat passwords are one-way encrypted (hashed and salted), as an added precaution we have triggered a password reset for all affected HipChat user accounts and all Atlassian services that share the same email address. If you have not received … Read more on Naked Security


Forbes Magazine On The Anthem Data Breach

6 Ways To Protect Yourself After The Anthem Data Breach You simply can’t remember all of those usernames and passwords, so chances are you’re using the same username and password, or you’;re changing the passwords slightly by adding an “*” or “#” or changing around the capitalization. That's not secure, as … Read more on Forbes


Who Needs A Password Manager?

Survey: Hardly Anybody Uses a Password Manager Rather than directly ask participants whether they recycle the same password over and over, it queried participants indirectly. 74 percent admitted they logged in to six or more sites daily, and 30 percent logged in to more than ten secure sites. Yet … Read more on PC Magazine


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