Finally, America Exports SOMETHING To China – 4M Federal Employees Data Hacked…

China US Trade Imbalance Cured?


China US Traded Imbalance

CNN reports that, “Four million current and former federal employees, from nearly every government agency, might have had their personal information stolen by Chinese hackers, U.S. investigators said. U.S. officials believe it could be the biggest breach ever of the government’s computer networks. China called the allegation irresponsible.”

The New York Times  added that this wasn’t the first time a hack had occurred, “The breach is the third major foreign intrusion into an important federal computer system in the past year. Last year, the White House and the State Department found that their email systems had been compromised in an attack that was attributed to Russian hackers. In that case, some of President Obama’s unclassified emails were apparently obtained by the intruders.”

Remember the 80’s? Your Personal Data Folder Does…


The Daily Beast stated, “A massive data breach in December affected the federal human-resources department that issues security clearances and holds employee records, compromising personal information from at least 4 million current and former employees going as far back as 1985. “That could give them a huge advantage,” an anonymous U.S. official said. The Washington Post reports it was Chinese hackers who targeted the Office of Personnel Management and the Interior Department. “We take all potential threats to public- and private-sector systems seriously and will continue to investigate and hold accountable those who pose a threat in cyberspace,” the FBI said in a statement Thursday night.”



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