Republicans Use Secret Decoder Ring To Create ‘Password’

Hmm, someone sends the following tweet:


Looks like it is one of the passwords you learned from my Password Worksheet that needs to be decoded.


Decoder Ring

Decoder Ring

CNN reports that Republican related Twitter accounts were hidden in plain sight and these profiles were publicly available to all.

A typical tweet read: “CA-40/43-44/49-44/44-50/36-44/49-10/16/14-52–>49/476-10s.” The source said posts like that — which would look like gibberish to most people — represented polling data for various House races.

And, much like a good password, you have to know the meaning behind the code in order to understand it. MSNBC says, “What to do? In this case, you created a dummy Twitter account, where you published the data in a way no one would understand or even be able to look for. In the U.S. House race in California’s 40th congressional district, for example, you’d publish a tweet that read, “CA-40/43-44/49-44/44-50/36-44/49-10/16/14-52–>49/476-10s.”

Hide The Evidence – Leave No Trail

A Fox News affiliate says, “Accounts deleted: The accounts that CNN reviewed were active in the months ahead of this month’s election, which gave Republicans their largest majority in the House since World War II and control of the Senate. They were live until Nov. 3 but deleted minutes after CNN contacted the NRCC with questions.”

There is a recent U.S. law stating that outside groups, such as super PACs and non-profits, can spend freely on political causes as long as they don’t coordinate their plans with campaigns.

Who Says Politicians Don’t Have A Sense Of Humor?

The groups behind the operation had a sense of humor about what they were doing. One Twitter account was named after Bruno Gianelli. Now Bruno was a character in The West Wing TV series who constantly created methods to use ethically questionable “soft money” to fund campaigns.

Here is Bruno on efficiency, and below that is the CNN story.



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